How do I use emcools Active.Pads?

The following explains the optimal use of our emcools Active.Pads and how you get the best performance for yourself.

  • Remove the protective foil from the Active.Pads before the first use.
  • Freeze the emcools Active.Pads for at least 12-48 hours (depending on the strength of your freezer, the size and number of Active.Pads to be frozen) in your normal household freezer at – 18 ° C. Don’t use the emcools Active.Pads without the appropriate wearable. Please note: the emcools Active.Pads should not be used at a temperature colder than -11 ° C.
  • Remove the pads from the freezer and bend them slightly.
  • There is no need to pre-heat them in the sun as it is often done with icepacks.
  • Slide the pad into the inside pocket of your emcools wearable with the flat side facing your skin. The honeycomb side pointing outward.
  • Attach the emcools wearable to the part of your body to be cooled.
  • When using wearables with a hook-and-loop fastener you can adjust the wearable even better to fit your needs.
  • The length of use depends on your specific target. For more details please also check our section “applications”.
  • Return the emcools Active.Pads back into the freezer immediately after use, so they are ready for your next workout, your next training or your next competition.

The emcools cooling pads are reusable and in fact they should be used regularly (every time you work out). If you want to transport them over longer distances we recommend to store them in a cooling bag.

Muskelkater Wearables Cooling

Please note: in order to avoid hypothermia never use more than 4 cool pads of size 9×6 simultaneously. We recommend the use of 2 cooling pads size 3×6 as this has been proven to be sufficient in sporting applications for local cooling.

Care and environment

emcools Active.Pads can be reused. They can be cleaned by hand with mild (ph neutral) soap and water. Avoid close contact with sharp objects and never heat them up over 60° C. Any leakage of the non-toxic HypoCarbon® liquid is not dangerous. Any staining can be removed easily with a household cleaning product.

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