Post-cooling – cooling after sports

Post-cooling is the cooling of muscles after physical exertion, after training or competition.

The cooling effect

Cool after your competition or workout and avoid heat stress and recover faster!

Cooling with the emcools cooling pads will result in a lower increase of your inflammatory parameters and, therefore, faster recovery of your performance.

Time and cooling time

With post-cooling you start immediately after finishing your training or competition. Cool for about 20 to 30 minutes, at least until physical well-being occurs. In several practical tests we could observe positive experiences with a cooling duration of about 20 minutes. E.g. in studies was cooled 20 minutes and 34 minutes on average.

Cooling area

Fix the emcools Active.Pads on those muscle parts that you have just stressed. Because these areas are now well supplied with blood and need a rapid removal of heat. By cooling these muscles, you will experience a lower increase in inflammatory parameters and, therefore, faster recovery of your performance.


Post-Cooling triathlon crossfit
Triathlon Post-Cooling Regeneration

How many pads do you need?

The optimal respectively maximum number of cooling pads to use depends on the particular emcools wearable and the application area of the cooling. Each of our wearables has been optimized for specific uses on your body and is equipped with appropriate slots for the cooling pads.

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