Pre-cooling – cooling before sports

Cool your muscles before sport and increase your performance!

The cooling effect

Cool before competition or training to prevent premature fatigue and improve your performance at the same time!

Time and cooling time

Pre-cooling is best started 20-30 minutes before the start of your sporting activity. Studies have shown that pre-cooling before a competition does not negatively influence the effect of warming up.

Cooling range

Always attach the pads to areas of the body that are more or less not primarily pertaining to your sport.

fibula wearable wade
emcools Wearables Cooling

How many pads do you need?

The optimum or maximum number of emcools Active Pads to be used depends on the respective emcools wearable and the application area of the cooling. The wearables have been optimized for special applications on your body and are equipped with slots for the cooling pads.

Fixation on the body – the emcools wearables

Here you will find our wearables, with which you can easily fix our pads to your body.

In contrast to conventional cooling aids made of water and ice, the emcools Active.Pads prevent you from getting ice burn on your skin.

Please note: Cool the emcools Active.Pads for at least 12-48h (depending on the performance of your freezer, the size and number of Active.Pads to be frozen) in your standard freezer at about -18°C. Please do not use the emcools Active.Pads without a suitable wearable. Note: The emcools Active.Pads should not be colder than -11°C when used.

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