emcools Active.Pad 3×6

emcools Active Pads – the revolution in athletic cooling applications! Optimally suited for pre-cooling (cooling before sports), per-cooling (cooling during sports) and post-cooling (cooling after sports).

The innovation in sport

The emcools Active.Pads provide an increase in performance and faster recovery after a strenuous workout, competition or any other high-performance sport.

The coldness results in a slower metabolism and reduces pain as well as swelling and inflammation. Your sore muscles won’t feel as bad the next day either and will recover much faster.

Cool your muscles like the pros before, during or after exercise! Whether before sport or after a cool down – find out when it’s most comfortable for you and when it’s most beneficial for you in terms of performance! Everyone has different desires, different temperature sensations and performs differently.

You can find more information about optimal use here.

We recommend the emcools Active.Pad 3×6 for the following cooling applications

The emcools Active.Pad 3×6 is ideal for cooling the thighs and lower legs.

Here you can find the wearable “Fibula” (lower leg), the wearable “Femur” (thigh) and “Corpus” (Cooling Vest), which are perfectly designed to be used with  the emcools Active.Pad 3×6 and provide the most efficient cooling effect.

Das emcools Active.Pad 3x6

Product Details

The emcools Active.Pad 3×6 consists of 3×6 chambers.

The dimensions are approximately 10.3 x 20.3 x 0.9 cm. The pad weighs about 200 grams when frozen.

Cool the emcools Active.Pads for at least 12-48h (depending on the performance of your freezer, the size and number of Active.Pads to be frozen) in your standard freezer at -18°C. Please do not use the emcools Active.Pads without a suitable wearable. Note: The emcools Active.Pads should not be colder than -11°C when used.

The emcools Cooling Pads are reusable. Cleaning is done by hand with water and mild (pH-neutral) soap. Avoid the use of sharp objects or heating up more than 60°C. Any leakage of the non-toxic HypoCarbon® liquid is harmless. Stains can be easily removed with a cleaning agent.

The pad is based on the HypoCarbon® technology, which has been used in critical care medicine for more than 10 years.

Please note: To avoid hypothermia, never use more than 12 emcools Active.Pad 3×6 at the same time. According to our experience, the use of 2 cooling pads in size 3×6 already has a sufficient cooling effect in sports.

emcools Active.Pad 3×6 available as
Extension Kit emcools Active.Pad 3×6

  • 4 x emcools Active.Pad 3×6
  • 1 instruction manual

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Instructions for use emcools Active.Pad and emcools wearables


emcools Extension Active.Pad Extension Packs can be used as a supplement or reserve for the following emcools wearables (see below).


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 Corpus X X
 Femur X
 Fibula X
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