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The very light and comfortable wearable emcools Atlas was developed especially for your per-cooling application during your training, sport or competition. With this wearable you can attach your emcools Active.Pads 3×2 optimally to your head.

The emcools Atlas wearable should help you keep a better focus on your sporting tasks and to stay optimally concentrated it is therefore ideal for sports where it is important to stay alert.

Whether it is tennis, golf or running, with emcools Atlas you keep a cool head in a trendy way.

Numerous studies confirm the negative influence of high temperatures and humidity on cognitive performance. With our wearable emcools Atlas, you can therefore use up to three emcools Active.Pads 3×2 for the optimum cooling effect.

The emcools Atlas headband is made of a flexible material that provides a pleasant wearing comfort. Position it as you like it most.

Three inner mesh pockets on the front and on the left and right temples provide optimal support for the emcools Active.Pads 3×2. You can also use the emcools Atlas cooling headband to cool your neck.

emcools Atlas Wearable beim Per-Cooling
emcools Atlas Kühlstirnband mit Kühlpad

Tips for use

  • Take the emcools Active.Pads out of the freezer and bend them a little.
  • There is no need to preheat them in the sun or on ice.
  • Slide the pads into the inner compartment(s) of your emcools Atlas wearable so that the smooth surface faces inwards (your skin side). The honeycombs point outwards.
  • Attach the emcools Atlas wearable to your head.
  • The emcools Atlas cooling headband adapts perfectly due to its stretchy material.
  • The duration of use depends on the intended use. Have a look at our page “Applications”.
  • Put the emcools Active.Pad back in the freezer immediately after use so that it is ready for your next workout, training or competition.

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Extension Packs for your emcools Wearable

You can complement your emcools wearable with the emcools Active.Pad Extension Packs. How you can combine emcools wearables and emcools Active.Pads is shown in the following table.


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emcools Atlas Wearable Starter Kit - Kühlstirnband