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The wearable emcools Fibula was especially developed for your post-cooling application after your training, sport or competition. With this wearable you can attach your emcools Active Pads 3×6 optimally to your body.

Your recovery is optimally supported by the emcools Active.Pad 3×6 in combination with the emcools wearable Fibula by reducing the inflammation parameters after exercise and thus accelerating the recovery. This also influences the recovery from muscle pain and soreness in the best possible way.

The starter kit contains one emcools wearable Fibula each for your left and right lower leg and matching emcools Active.Pads 3×6.

The wearable Fibula for the lower leg is available in the sizes Small, Medium or Large.

Depending on the wearable size, you can use up to 3 (for small, medium) or up to 4 (for large) emcools Active.Pads 3×6 per wearable.

If required, you can buy further emcools Active.Pads 3×6 on Amazon  – either as an extension of the starter kit or as a backup, so that you always have frozen Active.Pads 3×6 in stock for your training, sport or competition in the freezer.

emcools Wearable Fibula für deine Unterschenkel-Kühlung
emcools Maßtabelle Fibula

Tips for use

  • Take the emcools Active.Pads out of the freezer and bend them a little.
  • There is no need to preheat them in the sun or on ice.
  • Slide the pads into the inner compartment of your emcools Fibula wearable so that the smooth surface faces inwards (your skin side). The honeycombs point outwards.
  • Attach the emcools Fibula wearable to your lower leg.
  • You can fix it with the Velcro fastener.
  • The duration of the application depends on the respective application goal. Have a look at our page “Areas of application”.
  • Put the emcools Active.Pad back in the freezer immediately after use so that it is ready for your next workout, training or competition.

How to find the optimal size for you

Just measure your lower leg circumference 10 cm below your knee as shown on the left. According to your measured lower leg circumference we recommend the following sizes:

Lower leg circumference 38 – 42 cm: emcools Fibula in size Small
Lower leg circumference 43 – 47 cm: emcools Fibula in size Medium
Lower leg circumference 48 – 52 cm: emcools Fibula in size Large

emcools Fibula Starter Kit

  • 1 pair emcools Fibula Wearables (left and right)
  • 4 pcs of emcools Active.Pads 3×6
  • instruction for use
  • available in the sizes S, M und L
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Das emcools Fibula Starter Kit für deine Unterschenkel


Instruction for use emcools Active.Pad und emcools wearables


You can supplement your emcools wearables with the emcools Active.Pad Extension Packs. In the list below you can see how to combine emcools wearables and emcools Active.Pads.

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