So cool is your body!

Like dogs, cats and other mammals, humans are also warm-blooded. Our body works at a constant temperature of about 37 °C.

The skin plays an important role in the regulation of body temperature.

Sweating regulates your body temperature

We have about 2 million perspiratory glands and sweat in high heat or heavy exercise and can produce up to 1 liter of sweat per hour. The fluid used to sweat or regulate body core temperature must be rebalanced by plenty of drinking so as not to dehydrate.

The also important electrolytes for the body are flushed out during sweating and must be replaced. However, if you only give your body pure water, you may experience an electrolyte imbalance (hyponatraemia). Then your sodium concentration in the blood serum is too low.

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When you feel cold, the small blood vessels under your skin (capillary) contract and less blood gets to the skin surface. This constriction of your blood vessels releases less heat to the outside.

Often you get goose bumps. Tiny muscles straighten your hair to keep the warm air close to your body. As the larger muscles simultaneously make fast movements to generate heat, you start to shiver.


By great physical effort, such as in a triathlon or marathon, the body is strongly heated by muscle activity. If the weather is rather cool, the body can cool down too quickly. That’s why athletes often protect themselves with foil blankets so that the heat is reflected.


In heat the capillaries expand under the main surface and more blood gets to the skin surface. This releases heat from inside the body to the outside. Before your body overheats, it produces sweat to cooldown. The hairs settle to allow as much air as possible to sweep over the body and dissipate heat.

When the body temperature rises above 40 ° C, it is called a heat stroke. Just as dangerous is a hypothermia, ie a body temperature below about 32 ° C.

Your body needs a lot of energy for its own cooling performance. With the right external cooling, especially before and after your competition or training or hard workout, you lose less energy through sweating and so you are able to use more energy for your sports activity.

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