HypoCarbon®  Technology


HypoCarbon® - the EMCOOLS technology for efficient patient cooling provides outstanding cooling rates of up to 3.3°C per hour for the surface cooling system EMCOOLS Flex.PadTM. Besides HypoCarbon® ensures a skin friendly and effective cryotherapy with the smaller pad designs Flex.Pad Small and Flex.Pad Mini. 


The technology is characterized by an outstanding heat exchange capability and an environmentally friendly, non-toxic treatment.


Compared to ice and water the application of EMCOOLS HypoCarbon® Pads is hygienic and skin-friendly, as the surface temperature does not drop below 6°C during pad application. The product’s components (TPU exterior and medical hydrogel) also guarantee an easy and safe application. 


Note: The achieved temperature reduction depends on the number of pads applied, the patient’s level of consciousness and various individual physiological factors. Follow instructions for use.

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