User manual emcools Active.Pads & emcools Wearables

General information about emcools Active.Pads

emcools Active Pads are a highly efficient, reusable, mobile cooling system for local cooling during or after a strenuous workout. The emcools Active.Pads are different from conventional cooling products as they are filled with our patented  HypoCarbon® suspension. The special honeycomb structure of the pads enables the highest flexibility even in their frozen condition. The outer layer of the emcools Active.Pads consists of latex-free and skin-friendly TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). The black HypoCarbon® suspension is nontoxic and therefore completely harmless for humans, animals
and nature

General information about emcools wearables

emcools wearables used in combination with emcools Active.Pads are a highly efficient cooling system. The fields of application cover all sports. The state-of-the-art materials insulate the Active.Pads on the outside and thereby extend the cooling time.

Preparation of the emcools Active.Pads

  • Open the vacuum foil at the designated red notches and remove the emcools Active.Pad.
  • Put your emcools Active.Pad in your freezer until it‘s frozen and all the combs are solid.
  • The emcools Active.Pad should not be colder than -11°C when used. If you are unsure, then let it simply lie at room temperature for approx. 5 minutes before using it.
  • Further instructions can be found on the label which is
    included with the emcools Active.Pad.
  • In case of Active.Pad Pro peel protective foil and press down the pad for 3-5 seconds directly on the patient’s skin Further instructions can be found on the label which is included with the emcools Active.Pad.
Gebrauchsanweisung emcools Active.Pad und Wearable
emcools regeneration cooling

Insertion of Active.Pads into wearables (if applicable)

  • Before you insert the emcools Active.Pad into the designated pocket, carefully bend it once into each direction along the honeycombs to restore flexibility, this increases the fit.
  • Make sure that the smooth unstructured side is directed
    towards your body.
  • You do not necessarily have to fill all pockets. You can fill only those pockets that are best suited for you.
  • Active.Pads have thawed, remove them from the emcools wearable and freeze them again right away so they are ready to be used again quickly.

Applying the wearables (if applicable)

You can find all information about this on our homepage at The duration of use depends on the respective application objective and your personal cold sensitivity. In our emcools Academy ( you can learn everything about proper cooling.


If you are not using your emcools Active.Pads for a longer period of time, then it’s best to store then flat in the freezer. You should always protect them from sunlight and keep them at a temperature below 40°C.

General instructions for use and safety recommendations

  • A temporary redness of the cooled skin is normal and can occur. In general we recommend to cool within a reasonable measure. Should you for some reason feel pain on the cooled body parts, we recommend you to stop the cooling process.
  • Always use a suitable wearable for cooling.
  • emcools Active.Pads must not be used near your eyes as well as in the genital area.
  • The form of the emcools Active.Pads cannot be changed. Therefore do not cut them and always keep them away from pointed and sharp objects.
  • emcools Active.Pads are designed exclusively for cooling, therefore do not heat them in a microwave or similar device.
  • emcools Active.Pads can be cleaned with ph-neutral soap and lukewarm water.
  • Please note the care label on your emcools Wearable. Any hook-and-loop fastener must be closed before washing.

The cooling pads can be combined with other emcools wearables.

You can get our complete cooling assortment here:

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Julia Mayer mit emcools Wearables
Manuel Zillinger mit Ropes und emcools Wearables

The innovative emcools HypoCarbon® cooling Technology from intensive care – now available for sports! Benefit from efficient cooling, improve your performance und
recover faster.


The pads have been developed with patented HypoCarbon® technology and cool completely different compared to conventional cooling methods:

  • Due to the low condensation, it is optimal for heat conduction and inflammation so your body optimizes the heat.
  • The temperature range stays constant between 7 – 9°C on the skin. The capillaries remain open longer and continue to be supplied with blood and heat is thus better removed from deeper tissue layers.
  • Compared to conventional cooling methods the emcools cooling penetrates into deeper tissue layers.

Disposal: You can safely dispose of the wearables and the cooling pads in the residual waste.
errors and technical changes reserved.

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