World premiere at the erste bank open 2018 with jürgen melzer

All experts will confirm that cooling as a new trend has always been a big topic in professional sports. Cryo-chambers, cryotherapy and ice baths have been used here for a long time.

At the Erste Bank Open 2018 in Vienna, emcools launched the unique mobile cooling pads, which are affordable for professionals and hobby athletes alike. Originally developed for emergency medicine, emcools now also helps to improve individual athletic performance and to recover faster after physical exertion.

At the press conference together with Jürgen Melzer, the tennis professional confirmed: “I used emcools cooling pads for the first time at the Davis Cup event in Moscow in April. Having the possibility to cool down easily and quickly – after all, you only have a short time between the games – supported me optimally to deliver my good performance.” With a double win and an individual victory, the 36-year-old was mainly responsible for the victory of the Austrian Davis Cup team. Melzer added with a wink: “It’s almost a pity that the emcools cooling pads are no longer my personal secret tip, but now available to all athletes. The cooling pads from emcools are definitely not only suitable for professionals but are also a great gain for hobby athletes. Who wouldn’t be happier with less muscle soreness and more performance? I will definitely rely on the pads even after my active career”.

emcools Weltpremiere bei den Erste Bank Open 2018 Jürgen Melzer und Detlef Mikulsky
Bild (v.l.n.r.): Detlef Mikulsky (emcools), Jürgen Melzer © emcools

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