Flex.Pad Small

The emcools Flex.Pad products are single-use cooling pads.

Developed for small body surfaces and cryotherapy.

No perforation.

Cooling capacity  

Package Content: 1 package contains 1 Flex.Pad small
Dimensions: 1 Flex.Pad small 203 x 103 x 9mm (width, length, depth)
Weight: 1 Flex.Pad small: .2kg (+/- 10%)
REF: 129
EAN: 912003696129 6

Application areas for emcools Flex.Pads 

Secure and efficient reduction of core temperature in the following application areas:

  • Therapeutic Hypothermia in target temperature range between 32-36°C if clinically indicated (after cardiac arrest, acute myocardial infarction, acute stroke)
  • Normothermia Treatment: (36.5 – 37.5°C) patients with high fever, feverish neurological intensive-care patients, and a number of other hypothermia clinical conditions
  • Reducing increased intracranial pressure also with skull – brain – trauma patients
  • Cryotherapy (local cold therapy) blunt tissue injury and post-operative rehabilitation

Advantage of emcools Flex.Pads

  • Superior cooling performance (with cooling rates up to 3.3°C/hourly when applied to whole body)
  • Dry and hygienic one time use product
  • Easy preparation and application (freeze – open – affix)
  • Colour indication label shows when it’s ready to use
  • Fast, skin-friendly application with medical hydrogel
  • Multiple separable pieces for application on smaller surfaces (for example: axilla)
  • No external electricity supply needed, therapy possible anytime (pre-clinically))
  • Good patient application (total body cooling with only 40% body surface covered)
  • No interruption of therapy during transportation and during evaluation (X-rays, CT, MRT)