“All the joy of the earth rests on the back of a horse”

Pleasure Riding

Long riding excursions, lonely paths, beautiful views, long wonderful hours letting your soul float freely in great company; there is probably nothing more beautiful than a relaxed ride through a breathtaking landscape. Pleasure riding also means you ride with a knowledge of basic training regardless of your style of riding. Pleasure riders support their horses as much as possible through a lifelong partnership.

Trail Riding

Trail riding and horse tourism are 2 closely related topics in equestrian sports. The two promote sustainability in an untouched natural landscape and balance social compatibility of optimal recreation for humans with economic feasibility.

To travel by horse is a question of your inner attitude. The horse is not a piece of equipment , it is your partner. The home and care provided to your horse is an important part of your experience. This original, as well as environmentally friendly way of traveling, teaches us a lot about the landscape and about our horse. You are spending the whole day together, so if your horse is doing well you will absolutely reach your destination.

Drag Hunting

The opportunity for a rider to satisfy their hunting desires is a drag hunt which is performed on a horse following a pack of dogs called the “Hunt in Red”. Participants wear red with the exception of springtime when tweed is worn. Dogs, horses and riders are hunting together, an artificial scent is used without chasing a live animal but adhering to strict rules and traditions. The triad of: Man – Animal and Nature comes to life.


These days professional riders are already well equipped at tournaments with mini-freezers at their disposal. It’s imperative to keep the equine athlete  in top shape. Healthy horse legs are the most valuable asset of the horse owner.

Many pleasure riding horses of amateur riders unfortunately do not enjoy the comfort and preventative measures of a post-event therapy.

Whether you want to support the equine athlete  in a preventative capacity, treat an acute or abating injury, or treat your leisure partner horse with a soothing wellness chill-out: Cold therapy is a wonderful solution.

Although it has been proven that cryotherapy achieves very good treatment results in both humans and horses, this effective treatment is still underused in equestrian sports. Cryotherapy used on a regular basis is a simple way to keep the horse fresh, fit and healthy.

Areas of application for efficient emcools HypoCarbon® Cryotherapy for the horse:

  • For faster recovery of the equine athlete
  • For acute and old injuries
  • As a therapeutic application
  • Prevention of heat stroke
  • As a wellness chill-out for our partner “the horse”

Working Equitation


Endurance Riding and Arabian Thoroughbreds