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The HypoCarbon® technology of the emcools Active.Pads were developed more than a decade ago at the Vienna General Hospital by experienced intensive and emergency physicians for use in intensive care medicine and have proven their worth worldwide. emcools Active.Pads with HypoCarbon® technology are EN ISO 13485 certified. The cooling performance of the emcools Active.Pads surpasses anything previously seen and supports the horse in the faster regeneration and rehabilitation and is ideal for injury prevention as well as Wellness application.

emcools Active.Pads have been proving themselves in everyday clinical practice for over 10 years and are characterized by the unique emcools HypoCarbon® technology and cooling performance. Due to the patented composition of the emcools Active.Pads, with proper handling (see instructions for use) no damage (freezer burn) of the skin can occur as with conventional water and ice coolants. The Active.Pads must not be applied directly to open wounds.

Basically, the cooling boots are doping-free. However, we recommend that you use the emcools cooling gaiters with the emcools Active.Pads in tournaments compliant with the current FEI regulations or national regulations.

Although the emcools Active.Pads are very resistant, please read the instructions for use first. Instructions and information on optimal handling can be found on our website or as a supplement when purchasing the product. You are welcome to request them from our customer service. In case of any complaints please also contact our customer service.

Instructions and information on optimal handling can be found on our website or as a supplement when purchasing the product. You are also welcome to request them from our customer service.

The emcools cooling boots and emcools Active.Pads can be ordered directly from us via our website.

You can reach our customer service via our contact form and the emcools online chat. We look forward to your questions!

The emcools Active.Pads require no special disposal and can be disposed of with the residual waste. The HypoCarbon® in the emcools Active.Pads is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Yes, that’s true. The emcools products have been proving themselves in everyday clinical practice for more than 10 years and are characterized by a unique technology and cooling performance. Depending on the number of pads used, either a systemic cooling effect is achieved (therapeutic hypothermia, fever treatment) or the tissue is locally cooled (cryotherapy).


The smooth side of the emcools Active.Pads lies on the horse’s leg.

The cooling time depends on the horse’s temperature and the ambient temperature (temperature in the house, outside temperature). When used as a post-cooling (after riding, moving, …) or as a wellness application, we recommend a cooling of at least 30 minutes to about 1 – 2 hours. In medical applications – in consultation with the veterinarian – a longer cooling time is possible.

Important: The emcools Active.Pads are not a medical application and therefore do not replace the veterinarian. In case of injury, we strongly advise you to seek the advice of your veterinarian regarding cooling time as it may vary individually.

emcool’s cooling boots have been specifically designed to optimally support the excellent cooling capabilities of the emcools Active.Pads. The emcools Active.Pads can also be bandaged on the horse’s leg.

In acute, high-grade inflammation – in which you want to achieve a longer cooling – it is recommended to exchange the emcools Active.Pads in about 1 – 1.5 hours distance. For post-cooling, one cooling pass is sufficient with the emcools Active.Pads.

The emcools cooling boots with the emcools Active.Pads can be used every day after riding. The daily application is a small effort but a good measure for the prevention of inflammation, swelling, tendon irritation and other possible stress-related phenomena.

Incidentally, it is a wellness application that contributes to the well-being of our horses.

As a rule, horses enjoy the application and are relaxed.

Even on cooler days and in winter, strained horse legs should be cooled after work and exercise-induced increased load to facilitate accelerated regeneration. The emcools cooling boots with the emcools Active.Pads are therefore also on cool days and in the winter months as an excellent cooling variant for use for prevention, regeneration and therapy in the stable. Often there is no suitable wash place available in winter.


Cryotherapy (or cold therapy) is the targeted use of cold to achieve a therapeutic effect (pain therapy and anti-inflammatory). The analgesic effect felt when cooling an injury or burn is explained by the contraction of the vessels in the tissue and the resulting reduction in blood flow. The cooling also reduces the metabolic processes and thus also inhibits inflammatory processes. Therefore, cryotherapy is also effective in inflammatory diseases.

The thermal conductivity of the emcools Active.Pads is 3-4 times better than the thermal conductivity of water. Water is always just as cold as it comes from the pipe. Ice has a lower efficiency, since the formation of an insulating layer (condensation) reduces the thermal conductivity and there is a risk of tissue damage and freezer burn. Ice is therefore not suitable for a longer period of use. The emcools Active.Pads are NOT toxic and enable a hygienic and skin-friendly application. Due to the fact that many coolants can no longer cool, it is often advised not to cool for more than 15-20 minutes.


Our emcools Active.Pads can be easily cleaned with warm water, soap or dishwashing detergent.

Our emcools Active.Pads are pretty good. However, you should always keep them away from sharp objects and especially rough surfaces in order to avoid damage. In no case you should cut the emcools Active.Pads with the scissors, a knife, etc., this completely destroys the emcools Active.Pad.

No. The mechanical stresses and temperatures in such devices could damage the emcools Active.Pads and allow the liquid HypoCarbon® to escape from the cooling cells. This could damage the washing machine and dishwasher.

Too long exposure in blazing sun should be avoided.

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emcools is an Austrian-based company that has been successfully using HypoCarbon® cooling technology for more than 10 years, especially in the intensive care sector worldwide.

Behind emcools VET are experienced veterinarian / horse specialists. Since October 2017, the emcools Active.Pads are being continuously updated by renowned, international front riders, veterinarians and racing teams in Europe and United Arab Emirates used and tested. The extremely positive feedback on the excellent cooling performance of the emcools Active.Pads with the HypoCarbon® Technology was the decisive factor in developing and offering the special emcools riding boots for horses.

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