A mare and a stallion are the requirements for producing a foal. It doesn’t sound so difficult – but it is. The breeding of horses demands a great deal and sets high standards for the know-how of the breeder.

Every equestrian sport has its own breed which has been bred especially for that sport. The quarter horse for Western riding, the Icelandic horse for the gait fans, thoroughbred for the racing and the warm-blooded ones for jumping dressage and versatility riding. Horse breeding is a big responsibility.

The breeding of horses means more than just increasing the horse population, if you breed, you should have the intention to improve quality.

There is even more behind breeding: a good breeder isn’t only an absolute expert in horses, he or she also manages the physical fitness of the mare and supplies wellness applications such as massage and cooling of the legs etc.

Once horses stop engaging in riding sports, they don’t necessarily receive the comfort of cryotherapy which would contribute to prevention of injuries.

Breeding stallions really have to prove themselves in the sporting scene in order to get enough mares. They are managed and treated by their riders like top athletes, it is important for the stallion stations to keep the breeding stallions top fit. Healthy stallions are the indispensable capital for stallion stations and the owners. A stallion with a leg injury during breeding season can be a big financial loss for the stallion owner. Frequent jumping during copulation can cause additional strain on the hind legs.

Cold therapy is the best choice for: treating „the athlete“ (the stallion) preventatively, treating an acute or abating injury, cooling the swollen legs of a breeding mare, or simply treating your mare to a wellness chill-out.

Although great success has been achieved with cryotherapy in humans and animals, this effective method is still underused in the treatment of horses. Applying cryotherapy regularly is an easy simple method to keep your breeding mare fresh – fit – and healthy.

Areas of application for efficient emcools HypoCarbon® Cryotherapy for the horse:

  • for faster recovery of the equine athlet
  • For acute and old injuries
  • As a therapeutic application
  • Prevention of heat stroke
  • As a wellness chill-out for our partner “the horse”

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