Designed by cooling and horse experts for the special needs of horses.

The idea to develop emcools with the exceptional Hypo.Carbon® technology in the horse sector has been supported by experienced horse specialists. Since 2017, the emcools Active.Pads were continuously used and tested by renowned international top equestrians, veterinarians, and trainers in Europe. The very positive feedback regarding the exceptional cooling performance of our emcools Active.Pads motivated us to bring our Hypo.Carbon® technology to the market in the form of cooling boots.

The Hypo.Carbon® technology based emcools cooling pads were developed at the University hospital in Vienna (AKH) by  experienced Critical Care and Emergency Rooms professionals for the use in Critical Care medicine and have since been proven to be successful worldwide.

The cooling performance of the emcools pads surpasses anything known until now and supports the horse with faster recovery and rehabilitation. It is also suitable for the prevention of injuries and can be used in a wellness and spa capacity.  The emcools Hypo.Carbon® technology is unique through its extraordinary heat exchange capabilities, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and provides a quick and even reduction of the body and tissue temperature.

The material used (TPU – outer layer) is the main contributor to the easy and safe application and can be easily cleaned with a mild PH neutral soap and water.



The emcools Active.Pads greatly outperforms water, ice and common cooling pads.

  • The thermal conductivity of emcools Active.Pads with the Hypo.Carbon® technology is 3-4 times better than the thermal conductivity of water.
  • When you quickly rinse a horse’s leg with water (approx 5 min.) you stay below a cooling time that leads to preventative measures. Also normal water doesn’t hold the necessary temperature to give a cooling effect. Rinsing only serves to clean horse’s legs.
  • Ice has a lower efficiency because the melting water creates an insulating layer which reduces the thermal conductivity.
  • There is no damage to tissue and no ice- burn with emcools Active.Pads because of our patented Hypo.Carbon® technology.
  • Common cool packs and ice can cause painful ice-burn and therefore are not appropriate for longer lasting application.
  • A shortened application time has the opposite effect and actually activates possible inflammation.
  • The emcools Hypo.Carbon® cooling penetrates into deeper tissue layers than normal ice applications.
  • Hygienic and skin-friendly application.
  • Depending on the room and leg temperature, the emcools cooling boots can easily accomplish cooling for up to 4 hours.



Cryotherapy is the targeted use of cooling to accomplish a therapeutic effect (pain therapy and reduction of inflammation)

If a cooling stimulus meets the body, it reacts by preventing the loss of heat through the tightening of arteries. In order to do this, it tightens the artery vessels which are used to transport blood in order to minimise the area of contact with the cold stimulus and to avoid the blood temperature to cool down. This vasoconstriction also prevents additional liquid to enter the damaged tissue. Therefore, the expected swelling is much smaller when cryotherapy is used.

Cryotherapy is used both for acute medical treatments as well as for preventative recovery regimens in equine sports.

Modern cooling methods like the emcools Hypo.Carbon® technology now offer a simple application of horse cryotherapy for everyone. The emcools cooling boots can be applied without any prior cryotherapy-knowledge.

Cryotherapy in general has been used since the 1970’s and is today closely associated with regeneration in top athletes. The advantages are: better circulation, faster recovery after training, reduction of inflammation and pain. Studies have also shown that the human parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated which produces a calming effect. This cooling effect was also found while using the emcools cooling boots on horses. The horse seems to calm down, are more relaxed and enjoy the cooling.

After the application there is a nice post-cooling effect. Eventually the tissue rewarms and the increased blood flow enables faster repair of minor damages to the horse’s body. Therefore the horse recovers quicker from strenuous exercise and a faster recovery is ensured.

emcools – THE REVOLUTION in the horse cooling technology made in Austria. Cool now for maximum performance!

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