The thoroughbred horse that takes centre stage in galloping is a cultural asset cultivated for centuries, the breeding of which has unthinkable radiant effects on almost the entire breeding of horses.

Usually, thoroughbreds live in the racing stable in an environment that corresponds to a five-star hotel. They are well fed, soft bedded and receive first-class care, attention and veterinary care. The daily routine follows a strict routine that the racehorse gets used to and makes it quiet and balanced.

Important for all horses in the racing stable is a good atmosphere, not only air and light, but also the social atmosphere among the employees. Thoroughbreds are sensitive animals and respond immediately to irregularities and poor mood.

Gallop racing is a high performance sport – and, as with any athlete, it is also important for the thoroughbred horses to keep body and mind fit in the best possible way. Excellent horsemanship and daily care of animals are essential to maintain the horses‘ health.

Since October 2017, emcools Active.Pads have been used and tested by renowned trainers in Europe using HypoCarbon® technology on an ongoing basis. The very positive feedback about the excellent cooling performance of our emcools HypoCarbon® cooling pads gave us the confidence to bring our HypoCarbon® technology to market in the form of cooling boots for horses.

It is important to keep the equine athlete in top condition. Healthy horse legs are also incomparable “capital” for the horse owner, trainer and jockey. Whether you simply want to support the equine athlete preventively, treat an acute or declining injury, or give your recreational horse a soothing wellness chill-out: Cold therapy is a wonderful option.

Although it has been proven that cryotherapy achieves very good treatment results in both humans and horses, this effective treatment is still underused in equestrian sports. Cryotherapy used on a regular basis is a simple way to keep the horse fresh, fit and healthy.

Areas of application for efficient emcools HypoCarbon® Cryotherapy for the horse:

  • For faster recovery of the equine athlete
  • For acute and old injuries
  • As a therapeutic application
  • Prevention of heat stroke
  • As a wellness chill-out for our partner “the horse”


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