The vaulting group of URC Wildegg visit emcools stand with the WM Bronze Medal

The 2018 WM in Vaulting took place as part of the World Riding Games in Tyron, USA. URC WILDEGG represented Austria in the group competition with Katharina Luschin, Lisa Wild, and Daniele Fritz in the singles.

Completing top scores for the first time a newly created Nation-prize in the program.  The teams from: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the USA intensely competed for the medals. The 2 single starters and the group from Wildegg won the 1st bronze medal.

Maria Lehrmann with her best freestyle performances in the tournament received a WM bronze medal. In the free-style, the group in Hand-in-Hand and Handstand won with Alessio l’Amabile.

Silbermedaillengewinner WM Voltigieren bei emcools