Trotting Horse 

Trot breeding is performance breeding. Next to a good pedigree, the performance record is the most important attribute of the capabilities of the trotting horse. Each horse has a kilometre record. If it takes a horse 2 minutes and 50 seconds for a racetrack of 2000 metres in length, then its kilometre average time is half – meaning 1 minute and 25 seconds. Professional drivers are often called catch drivers who take on a race for a different owner – stable – or trainer and they are usually unfamiliar with the horse.

The experience to pilot a trotter is not at all limited to the esteemed circle of professional drivers such as the lightweight jockeys at a gallop race: amateurs are an important base of the trotting sport and that makes it possible for people who, up until now, have had no contact with horses to have the chance to take up the reins themselves.

If racing is too unsettling for you, then you can find a daily training regimen outside the racetracks in the countryside where you will find the opportunity to drive with your own or borrowed horse on a track or on unpaved roads through the forest. It’s important to keep the head and body of the trotting horse top fit. Healthy horse legs are the most valuable asset of the horse owner.

Professional trotting trainers work with cryotherapy; unfortunately for amateur drivers, the post-event cryotherapy (for preventative measures) is not commonly used.

Whether you want to support the horse athlete in a preventative capacity, treat an acute or abating injury, or treat your leisure partner horse with a soothing wellness chill-out: Cold therapy is a wonderful solution.

Although it has been proven that cryotherapy achieves very good treatment results in both humans and horses, this effective treatment is still underused in equestrian sports. Cryotherapy used on a regular basis is a simple way to keep the horse fresh, fit and healthy.


Areas of application for efficient emcools HypoCarbon® Cryotherapy for the horse:

  • For faster recovery of the equine athlete
  • For acute and old injuries
  • As a therapeutic application
  • Prevention of heat stroke
  • As a wellness chill-out for our partner “the horse”

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